Slate & Quartnite
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Stone is normally available in various textures and finishes:

Polished: The Most popular finish – One side is Finished by the action of the Abrasives on polishing head, gives a mirror finish on Granite, and diminishing in the reflective properties, as we go from Granite to marble and slate etc.

Honed: A smooth but unpolished finish, produced by using a less number of abrasives on a polishing head – leading to smooth but Non-reflective surface.

Hand Split or Cleft: A traditional treatment in which the stone is split along its line of cleavage to open the same at the natural grain; thereby giving a surface with great character.

Grit or Sand Blasted: The action of coarse-grained grits, blasted onto the top surface of the stone, with the help of water, produces a natural finish similar to hand split or cleft.

Flamed: The surface of the stone is Flamed or burnt off with a high temperature apparatus (similar to blow torch). This gives a contoured finish, based on the internal characteristics of the stones.


We polish the Granite / Marble slabs & Tile on automatic, semi automatic machines of most reputed brands.

                                       We never supply merchandise polished on “locally made table polishing machine”.

We achieve the gloss between 750 -900 and guarantee an excellent flatness, Proper pre bed preparation and suitable life of the gloss
at international levels.


                               We strictly maintain the shade of the merchandise as desired by you the client.

While producing cut to size tiles, careful batching is done even when the material is cut from the same slab / block.


At Shiva International, we have carefully controlled this very common and major problem. We never let the sawing result in slabs with a curve, which makes the fabrication/installation very difficult.

We always maintain flatness of slabs to the permissible tolerance limit.


We maintain Perfect square ness in cut to size materials; thanks to the automatic bridge cutting machines of modern era / latest technology Wenever use conventional hand driven edge cutting machines as it is far than difficult to maintain.